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Actors are a part of the team and are needed in order to make episodes.


Name Salary Skills Description
Alert Johansen $30 +6 Skill Regen
+1 Fan Conversion Rate
World famous, this actress will attract lots of fans.
Alien $30 +10 Skill Regen
-30% Health
He came from outer space!
Antitonic $30 +10% Dodge
-1 Movement
+10% Health
A calm artist and musician who may look unremarkable but has secret pro wrestling moves. (Kickstarter Backer)
Ashley Smith $20 -20% Health
+30% Sword Damage
She does not take "no" for an answer!
Asimobot $40 -5 Skill Regen
+30% Health
+10 Crafting Quality Rate
He is bound by only two of Asimov's laws.
Dude Lee $20 +4 Skill Regen
+10% Critical
-20% Health
Trained in the mountains of China, is the lead actor in all major fighting movies of all times.
Evan Tyson $20 -1 Movement
+1 Acrobatics Range
+30% Attack
Expert in boxing and monster punching.
Gus Fune $30 -1 Movement
+20% Attack
+25% Team Attack Damage
Pandas are cute and lazy creatures who sleep all day, unless someone tries to destroy the city! (Kickstarter Backer)
J Blues $40 +5 Skill Regen
+8% Dodge
+5% Critical
Basketball star, specialized in flashy moves. With a flashy salary to boot.
Mao Shinmei $30 +3% Critical
+20% Attack
Anything is a deadly weapon in this girl's hands.
May Yeerum $30 +20% Counter
-30% Enemy Dodge
-30% Enemy Counter
Expert in Muay Thay and Kick Boxing.
Michael Florian $40 +4 Skill Regen
-15% Attack
+10% Shop Discount
A leader and a problem-solver. (Kickstarter Backer)
Michonne $30 +15% Counter
+20% Health
Expert survivalist, this actress has survived hordes of fans.
Mr. Beaver $30 +20% Health
+10 Item Drop Rate
Passionate defender of technology.
Ryo Yoshi $20 +1 Movement
-20% Weapon Attack
A silent monk trained to move like water.
Telemelia $20 -30% Dodge
-30% Counter
+15% Mecha Health
Takes care of his RV as well as he takes care of our giant robot. (Kickstarter Backer)
Von Andy $12 -1 Movement
-10% Attack
+15 Audience per Episode
Pretty boy. He's here just to raise your audience.
Weasley Stripes $30 +10 Health
+30% Pistol Damage
Experienced with sci-fi movies and cryogenics.