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Behold Studios

Behold Studios is a small indie game development studio, from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. The studio was founded in 2009 by Saulo Camarotti and Pedro Guerra, and has been nominated and awarded several times since its beginning.

The team has been awarded on events such as SBGames in 2008 and 2012, BRGames 2009, Independent Games Festival 2013, and the most surprisingly success with the game Knights of Pen & Paper getting nominated by the Independent Games Festival a winner for the Student Showcase, and reviewed by IGN, Kotaku, TouchArcade, EuroGamer, and others. The game was also nominated as the game of the year in some websites, such SlideDB and UOL Jogos, and some other even said that is the best RPG ever created for mobile.

Today, the studio focus primarily in producing indie games for iOS, Android and PC/Mac. But, based on recent contests and publishing partneships, the team is also developing games for OUYA, Consoles and Steam.

The team is composed by Saulo Camarotti as the lead programmer and producer, Guilherme Mazzaro, Leonardo Prunk and Leonardo Leite as programmers, Hugo Vaz, Betu Souza and Bruno Briseno as artists.

Contact information[edit | edit source]

the team
Address: SHIN CA 5 Bloco E-2, Ed. Saint Martin, Sala 9

Brasília, DF