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The team consists of five positions which can be filled by a variety of actors.

Team positions[edit | edit source]

Position Bonus Description
Assault Assault +30% Attack Brings raw power and strength to your team's strategy. This role is responsible for dealing the greater damage, exploding things and wielding an enormous axe.
Assist Assist +20% Skill Regen The dearest friend of everyone in the team, always optimistic and holiding the squad together through the toughest moments. Specializes in healing and bow attacks.
Lead Lead +50% Health The leader of your squad. Taking responsibility for the group an always acting honorably. This role specializes in protecting and inspiring the rest of the team.
Scout Scout +1 Movement The agile acrobat in the team, a daredevil warrior that brings movement and grace to the fight. Specializes in moving fast and stunning enemies.
Techie Techie Gain Skill Regen when you use any Skill The teams most resourceful fighter, combining the use of items and weapons with a superior intellect. Specializes in long-range combat through skill.

Customizing the team[edit | edit source]

Customize your team

When starting a new episode players can customize their team. Each position on the team can be filled by a variety of actors. The name and color of the character is customizable as well.